It’s NFC Championship week. While you’ll get plenty of Chicago Bears coverage in The State Journal-Register, thanks to columnist Mike Nadel and the rest of Copley News Service, hardcore Bears fans always want more – and the Web is where to find it.

So, when you are Thomas Jonesin’ for something to pass the time till Sunday’s victory, here are the 10 best Bears sites on the Internet.

* DaBearsBlog: Deeply emotional and frequently updated, this is the place for fans who consider quitting their jobs and ending their relationships every time the Bears lose. It’s also the only place where you’ll find Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Conan the Barbarian referenced in debates over offensive play-calling, and where ex-Bears defensive back Mike Green is referred to as “He-who-should-not-be-named.”

* AOL Fan House: Chicago Bears Blog on e: Consistently good, timely, and comprehensive coverage, on a level Devin Hester can’t match no matter how many pointers he gets from Deion Sanders.

* 670thescore: Yeah it’s “real” media, but with a free online feed, so you can listen to professional Bears talk all day.

* Bearscast: When you’re tired of the experts’ opinions on The Score, tune into these weekly podcasts, which feature three regular fans arguing Bears football. Sure, the production is sloppy, the digressions frequent, the jokes terrible and the references obscure, but the same holds true for all Bears fans. And that’s what makes us great.

* The only place to go if you want in-depth Bears info that goes all the way back to the Decatur Staleys (though if you really want to read a 2,000-word recap of the 2004 season, you might be better off going directly to

* The Official Website of Patrick Mannelly. How many long snappers have their own website? Not many, ’cause it’s only for true fans. You’re a true fan, aren’t you? If not, you shouldn’t be reading this, either – stick with Jay Mariotti and to saying “Da Bears” at appropriate intervals while real fans talk.

* Da Superfan Shuffle: We’re the only fan base whose team boasts both a recurring sketch on “Saturday Night Live” and a Grammy nomination for Best Rhythm and Blues Vocal Performance. But for some fans, that wasn’t enough. Thus, “The Super Bowl Shuffle” redone Swerski Superfan style.

* Windy City Gridiron: A good place to get the latest breaking news and links to Bears’ stories without having to jump around the Trib and Sun-Times. Because web-surfing is tough when you’re holding a Polish sausage.

* Thoughts on Chicago Sports: Call this the Adrian Peterson of Bears blogs. Not the flashiest or best-known site, it pleasantly surprises every time you see it, and you wonder why you don’t give it more credit and attention.

* Not so much a Bears’ site as it is the “official site of non-Packer fans.” Your chance to indulge in a tradition as revered as betting on Ditka against everything: Packer bashing. Yell about Favre and his insistence on not retiring, check out the T-shirts, and get your own email address.

Honorable Mentions:

* Bear Report: The online companion to the Bear Report magazine. Despite incredible in-depth analysis and the latest breaking news, this site loses points for restricting most of its coverage to subscribers.

* Shave Kyle Orton’s Neckbeard: Still the only site focused on the dead animal covering Kyle Orton’s chin, although KO’s lack of game time has cooled the formerly heated debate on his personal grooming. This site still gets points for connecting our third-string QB with former Beacon Beavers High School basketball star Teen Wolf.

Dave Kienzler of Athens, a co-founder of DaBearsBlog, currently blogs at He can be reached at


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